Friday, April 29, 2011

ruffle capris

A friend asked me to make this super cute ruffle capris for her little girl, I have never made them this way but I was excited about this challenge, I have seen many girls wearing them lately and I think they look just precious in them so I made them and here is the end result, I dont think they look as cute just hanging plain by themselves but now that I know I can make them I will make some for my own little girl and take some pics of her wearing them and I'll share!

crib bedding

I dont usually make crib bedding because they are alot of work but occasionally I do it for some friends.....a while back one of my close friends asked me to make the crib bedding for her little girl, I was so excited to put this together for her because I just fell in love with the fabrics!! so much fun and so different than the traditional baby colors and prints. It turned out very cute, I think!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

playing dress up with my very own precious doll :)

This year I decided to make most of Sara's outfits for this Summer, like simple skirts and cute dresses. I've been making her some headbands too that will match her outfit, so far the outfits have turned out pretty cute, I will post later a couple more that I've made but didnt get a chance to take pics of those.

On this collage you can see the red skirt that I made, I found this cute shirt at Gymboree for sale and and I thought I could find a cute fabric to make a skirt that matches the shirt. The middle pic is an old one from last year but I have always loved this outfit and flower clip that goes in her hair. I have had so much fun making outfits for Sara, its like playing dress up us with your dolls!