Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fleece pillows

I made these two fleece pillows for my kids.... they love their fleece blanckets, specially this time of the year when is cold..... fleece is very easy to use and it makes for a lot of cute stuff, like these pillows that will go perfect with their blankets, they are soft and warm for bedtime and they are also perfect for travel pillows or when they go to grandmas to spend the night :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I know Christmas is way past by now but i wanted to share these two things that i made this year for my kids and it made for cute and inexpensive Christmas decor, is never to early to start planning for the next Christmas season :)

The Christmas advent calendar is made of fabric, i sew 25 little bags and i painted the clothes pins and then i let my daughter write the numbers on the little bags, i placed Bible verses to read the Christmas story for the 25 days and of course i had to add some candy in there, my kids loved it and every day they reminded me of opening the bags and reading the Bible, it made for sweet memories! Since i let my daughter write the numbers on the bags this one will be for her to take one day and use with her own kids if she wants too. I'll make another set for my son when he can write his own numbers too.

The second pic, i saw these trees in the home and garden magazine.... you need scrapbook paper and skewers, cut circles and then folded 4 times and pass the circles through the skewer in the center of the circle and I used hot glue to secure it because i want to use them again next year but you can use tape or regular glue if you are doing this as an activity with your kids. It's fun and cute, i think it made a cute Christmas centerpiece for my dining table!
I got this idea from a Christmas show i went, this girl used her jars to make them as pin and needle pillows and you can keep your buttons, thread, scissors, measure tape, etc anything that will fit in there. It made a great and cute present for my niece that is starting to sew, you can do it yourself but if not let me know I can make it for you :)