Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

koozies and key chain

A friend of mine gave me this idea a while back and I have been wanting to try it, she got it from another blog that when I find the link again I will post here, it was so easy and fun to make, I will have them for sale if anyone is interested in one of these, I think they make a very cute gift.

I used the starbucks cup sleeve, traced it and monogrammed my initial. I will try to make one soon to fit a can of soda as well.
And I finally made myself a key chain, I had made them for gifts but had not had the chance to make one for me, I really like it, its perfect to put on my wrist while Im loading the car, etc. and it;s so much easier to find my keys in the bag!

I will have a give away with this items soon!
I always enjoy decorating for parties! This time I hosted a baby shower and it was a jungle theme, I think the colors and patterns made it look so much fun :)