Friday, February 16, 2018

WOVEN 2018

Another amazing year for WOVEN 2018!! The Lord blessed this event so much, His hand has been with us from the very beginning and I thank Him for guiding us each step of the way!!
At WOVEN we encourage women to be intentional with the set of talents and gifts the Lord has given us. We have to teach our girls and others we mentor to use what we have to minister and share the love of Christ in everything we do. We are all good at something, weather is something you can do with your hands, or speech or on the go... anything. Lets use it to honor our Lord and give Him glory to spread His goodness to all around us!!


Wow! so honored to have been able to help a little to make this teacher's lounge room a more inviting place for all these teachers who escape in here to get away from the craziness. We always have to work with a very limited budget but I love to see how much we can accomplish with very little. Once again my sweet and talented husband with his dad's help built a work bench and coffee table at very little cost... Its also amazing what coat of fresh paint and cute little curtains can do to enhance a room, we were able to use the students art work to give those walls some color and make the room more inviting and cheerful. Loved the way they look in there!!
God is good and I thank Him for allowing us to use the gifts and talents He has given us to serve others!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Vinyl Decals

 Vinyl decals for insulated cups has become my latest favorite gift idea!! I love that I can do this myself with the Cricut machine. Everyone loves their cups and just recently I made a 5 of them for a friend who wants to give them to her kid's teachers. If you want one, let me know :)

I had the opportunity to make this canvas for my little sister that I love so much and admire big time!! Is Psalms 150:6 in Spanish. I had never tried anything like it and to be the first one I think it turned out pretty cute. It makes her living space area a lot cozier, welcoming and bright. 

Back in the Spring I had the opportunity to decorate for a go away reception of some awesome ladies at our church who gave so much to our kid's ministry. I love Spring decor and my golden branches have come in very handy over the last year. My husband wants to get rid of them but I'm not letting him. Lets see how long they last and can be used for future events. I'm beyond thankful for the talents and gifts my Lord has blessed me with and is ALWAYS a humbling honor and privilege to be able to share them with the people I love and those the Lord has placed in my path throughout the years.

A Great Gatsby end of the school year celebration!!

I wish I had more pics of all this party planning we did for our teachers appreciation banquet. It was so much fun planning it! I think everything turned out great!! I hope our teachers enjoyed it as much as we did.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

WOVEN 2017

Woven holds a very dear place in my heart! Ever since I lost my mom I became even more aware of the importance of passing that legacy of faith to our girls. They will become wives and mothers, women of influence one day and just like my mom taught me to serve God using our talents and gifts so we can bless others and share the gospel as we do this, I want to teach my daughter to be a vessel of His love, to be His hands and feet as we go.
I will never forget my mom teaching me how to sew and cook as a little girl, I watched her give her time and talents constantly everywhere she went. She gave, she listened and she loved well. She was the best role model a girl could ever have and her way of living will always have an impact in my life, I hope I can be that to my daughter one day.
I'm extremely thankful for a church that supports this and encourages us to live this way.

This past February 11th we held our third annual WOVEN event where moms and daughters come together to learn a basic skill like Sewing, Painting, cookie decorating or crafting while spending some quality time and creating new memories!
I pray many that have been part of this event will go in life being more intentional with the way we teach our girls!
So MANY precious and willing souls have come to share their talents and give their time sacrificing their own daughter/ mother time to teach and help me make this Woven event dream come true. So so very thankful... oh my cup overflows!!

Woven into God's threads of love and mercy... the more strings woven into the cord, the stronger it gets. We want and desire strong relationships with the Lord!

'So we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.' 1 Thessalonians 2:8

50th Birthday party

I love it when sweet friends ask me to decorate for their parties!! I truly enjoy doing this, I hope one day I will have the time to do it more!!
Also, I have to say that Pinterest has become my best catalog of ideas! Its seriously amazing all what you can find when it comes to plan an event or really anything!! Love it!!